Friday, 13 January 2017

My first post of the year!

My newly acquired copies of Basho's The
Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other
Travel Sketches
, and On Love and Barley. I
borrowed Teacher Man and The Rubaiyat of
Omar Khayyam
 from mum this Christmas.
It is already the 13th of January, and this is my very first blog post for the year 2017. Quite a bit has been happening for the past couple of weeks, and I have been too swamped with school work and family matters to even remember I have a blog!!

I did, in between, recall to deal myself a card and I came up with Thoreau's essay on Civil Disobedience. However, as it was too long for me to read that weekend, I have as yet to complete it. Right now I am seated in my room, feeling relaxed and excited about our slightly long weekend as our State celebrates its harvest festival. I still have a lot of work to complete over the next three days, but for now I want to catch-up with what I've missed in the blogosphere over the past many days.

I had wanted to have separate opening posts for the read-alongs for Paradise Lost and The Lord of the Rings. But since my last appearance I have had a few more folk showing interest here, and I figure it might just be a waste of time and space for everyone involved if I did this all over again. I've decided to link up to all read-along participants in my side-bar though!

Hmmm...I feel I ought to say more after having disappeared for such a long while....

But I can't.

So I shall stop here hoping that you're all having a lovely new year so far!^_^


  1. Happy New Year Risa!! I'm glad you're back on!!! I can't wait for the read alongs!!

  2. Hi Risa, How nice to stumble upon your blog at the start of a new year. I was searching for other bloggers who enjoy reading and reviewing classics, and who may be able to put me in touch with some great challenges, and good Christian reads. I wish I'd discovered this blog in time for the Christmas challenge last month, but never mind :) I am an Australian mother of three children who are growing up too fast, but leaves more time for blogging. I'm sure I'll be checking in more often.


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